Giving Help

There is no greater satisfaction than knowing that you helped someone just when they needed
it. When you join United Way—as a donor and as a volunteer—your help makes a real difference
in someone’s life.

Get Involved!

Together we improve the lives of millions of people. You can give money to fuel
community solutions, volunteer your time or lend your voice to a cause that matters.


With one gift to United Way, you invest in programs that provide home care for the elderly,
after school recreation for kids, preventive care for infants, food and utilities for those struggling
to make ends meet—and more! Your donation, combined with others, makes a tremendous
impact on the quality of life—the quality of community—right here in Attleboro/Taunton. So
please donate now—and discover how great you’ll feel knowing that you helped.


Anyone can champion the cause. Whether you’re speaking out at the workplace,
reaching out to members of Congress, or just talking to a friend, our world needs a little more
charity these days. So join the fight. Advocate for United Way and its partner agencies. Speak
up for the important work we all do together. Our community is better for it. Thank you!


Volunteering has many rewards. Whether it’s reading to a child, mentoring a young
adult, spending time with the elderly or helping out at a food pantry, we all can touch a life. All it
takes to volunteer is a desire to help and little time. For volunteer opportunities in our
community, contact Melissa Vanhorn at 508-222-2337, ext. 106 or