Campaign Materials

Employee Campaign Coordinators

If your company has chosen you to run its United Way Campaign–congratulations!  It’s an important responsibility and a wonderful way to make a difference for your community.

As a Campaign Coordinator, you bring United Way to life for your co-workers.  In boardrooms and breakrooms, at luncheons and at leadership meetings, you will be the voice and face of United Way.  Listed below are some of the tools at your disposal to educate yourself and your colleagues about the work United Way does right here in southeastern Massachusetts.  At any time, if you have a question or need help, don’t hesitate to reach out!  Laura Loffredo, our Resource Development Director can be reached at 508-222-2337, ext 111, or at

Campaign Materials

UWGAT one page overview

UWGAT video

United Way Partner of Choice (powerpoint)

UWGAT brochure

UWGAT standard Pledge form

Fact Sheet

UWGAT funded programs

Employee Coordinator’s guide

50 Ways to Raise Funds


Order your own United Way incentives online: United Way Store